Miser's Dream by Chris Capeheart


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Money from nowhere! Money from everywhere! The very entertaining and talented Chris Capeheart breaks down one of magic's classic routines, the Miser's Dream. You will learn firsthand the many moves, sleights, and patter that make this a classic in magic. Appearing coins from mid air, and filling a bucket with them!

The performer reaches into the air producing a coin. He tosses it in his bucket, and its heard rattling to the bottom. Immediately, another coin is plucked from the air and again tossed into the bucket. Continue producing as many coins as you want! Check out this DVD for Capeheart's famous finale!

- Perfect companion for the Miser's Cup!
- Professional and fun instruction!
- Also teaches Capeheart's Coins Across routine!

Professional magicians all over agree that Chris Capeheart's routines and coin work are some of the most entertaining around! Plus on this DVD, he teaches you the workings of his spectacular Coins Across routine.