Mixed Revelation & Final Cut by Tommaso Guglielmi


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Mixed Revelation Final Cut by Tommaso Guglielmi

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Mixed Revelation
In this version of ACAAN the spectators have an absolutely free choice of card and number. The big difference between this and many other ACAAN solutions is that with this version the spectators can examine the deck and cut it many times before they begin to deal the cards counting to their chosen number. In my opinion this increases the seeming impossibility of this effect.
Final Cut (ACAAN)
The performer places a deck of cards in their box onto the table. He asks the spectator to name a card and a number (without any force). At his fingertips he slowly removes the deck from the box. In order to show that this is a regular deck he spreads the deck face-up then he squares it (without any sleight of hand) and hands the deck to the spectator. The performer asks the spectator to cut the deck several times in order to destroy any possibility of a stack. Finally he asks the participant to deal cards face up onto the table counting to his chosen number and the named card is found there.