Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax

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Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax

(Instant Download)Finally, you CAN AND WILL learn "Mnemonica," the most sophisticated deck stacking system out there, invented by Juan Tamariz and used by top pros.

This product uses imagery that is intentionally absurd, and inappropriate in polite company, and as a result is absolutely not for kids or the sensitive minded.

"I tried for months and I couldn't do it, and I've met other people like me. And for the first time, I was able to memorize Mnemonica. Now, it's my FAVORITE THING to perform. It is what I have the MOST FUN performing, and it's all thanks to Rick Lax's Mnemonica memory system." -Justin Flom

"The most fooled I have EVER been by a magic trick. I could not BEGIN to explain what was going on."-Rick Lax

Watch the trailer. Rick Lax's new video will unlock the most powerful card magic system in the world, and have you ready to learn magic that simply can't be explained.

If you've seen a magician on TV recently doing card tricks you can't explain, chances are good they were using Mnemonica, a sophisticated system of doing card magic created by Juan Tamariz.

Almost every professional card magician owns Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz. It's considered the bible of memorized deck magic, and for anyone who wants to master card magic it's required reading. So why don't more magicians perform it? They try! But within the pages of Mnemonica, for as much brilliant magic as there is, there isn't any help given to memorize it!

Rick Lax has created a training system that all but guarantees success. Even if you've tried and failed before, this new approach will likely get you there.

If you want to enter a world of inexplicable, powerful card magic, you have to step through the door, and that means learning Mnemonica. While there are no tricks taught in this video, it unlocks the most intimidating part of the equation, the memory work, and gives you the power to learn any stack/memorized-deck related card tricks effortlessly for the rest of your life.

Take your magic to the next level by finally learning Mnemonica.

Warning: 18+ only. To enhance your memory, this product uses mnemonic imagery that is intentionally absurd, potentially offensive and definitely inappropriate in polite company. As a result it is absolutely not recommended for kids or the sensitive minded. If words like "sex" and "hitler" make you uncomfortable, stay far, far away.



Simple, if you want to learn the best memory deck, with a life long supply of trick possibilities ( not taught here, just the system for learning) 

Then this is for you !!!!!


I've never learned Mnemonica. I easily learned Si Stebbins, but Mnemonica always seemed too hard,the memorization of 52 different pictures seemed just as hard to memorize as the stack itself. 

Rick has done a great job of coming up with a set of images that you will remember. As I followed along I had the first 10 right away. The full 52 will take a little time, but I imagine I could easily have this down in just an hour or so. Its that good!

A few details about the download. Its 1.5 hours long and is mostly Rick teaching you how to remember the 52 cards, one at a time. The pacing is just right. Not too fast to keep up, not too slow that you're waiting for the next one. 

There are NO tricks taught. I'm fine with that, but thought you should know that in case you expected that. There are tons of tricks out there using a mem deck that will look even better when using Mnemonica. 

So if you want to put in the time (a few hours not days or weeks) to learn one of the best mem deck systems in the world, then Get This Download. Thanks Rick! 


I have a rule about 5 star ratings. I don't give them out willy-nilly. 

This is one of the greatest card releases I've seen. Ever. 

I have a HORRID memory, and this is a BREEZE even for me! 

I'm not going to sit here and tell you why this is so good. The other reviews are doing that for me. 

But I want to stress to everyone reading this, if you EVER use a deck of cards, YOU WANT THIS NOW! 

Thank you Rick Lax for this BEAUTIFUL system!


Excuse the pun of my title, but this is one of the best systems out there for learning just the Mnemonica deck stack. 

Rick Lax is an excellent teacher and goes through the thought process and the images required for any one to learn this stack. Remember YOU still NEED to put in the WORK. 

I say this because I know some magicians will think that this trainer aid will do all the work for you, They will be disappointed and mark it down due to them not putting in the work. 

What Rick has done is given you the images and the number system and value of Ace through to King to really make this possible for ANYONE to remember and learn. 

The learning is fun due to the images that Rick has provided for you. He has stripped away peg systems and other memory techniques in order for you to concentrate on just remembering the stack in order with the number positions. 

This is just the start of the series of teachings that Rick has in store, I for one can’t wait to learn other techniques and tricks that he will be sharing in regards to Mnemonica.