Morgan Strebler - Liquid Metal 2


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Morgan Strebler’s original Liquid Metal is one of the best reviewed and highest selling magic products across the internet. He has performed for a long list of A-listers?? including Ben Stiller?? Tom Hanks?? Quentin Tarantino?? Paris Hilton?? Tara Reid?? Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan.

"THE final word in metal bending routines. " - Dan Sperry?? World Renowned Pro

The style of psychokinetic magic in Liquid Metal 2 is bold and visionary: Using the power of the mind?? you can bend forks and spoons in a way that no one has ever witnessed in history. Morgan even uses the power of shadows to manipulate the properties of hard steel.

You'll learn Strebler's best kept secrets and more:

? Multiple Phases
? Tine Bends
? Tine Twists
? Tine Breaks
? Neck Breaks
? Shadow Bends
? Shadow Breaks
? Fork Destruction
? Types of forks to use
? Q & A
? Troubleshooting and Tricks
? Routining
? Performance TIPS
? Included full?? revised cut of Liquid Metal 1
? Live performances and more...