MYC - Mark Young Change by Mark K. Young


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MYC - Mark Young Change

Magic download (video) by Mark K. Young

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Joshua Jay here...At Vanishing Inc. this is what we live for. I received a call from a friend who said simply You HAVE to see this guy’s bill change.” I was skeptical.

Does it use a thumbtip” I asked him.


Does it look bad from every angle except head on” I asked because you know nearly all of these changes have terrible angles.

Looks perfect from all angles except behind” he replied.

So is it super hard to do”

I mastered it in thirty minutes.”

He had my attention. So it only works with American currency”

Works with all bills even different sizes.”

And it turns out my friend was right. Folks we are so so proud to present what we believe is the ideal bill change. It ticks all the boxes for practicality versatility and handling. Best of all the bills just melt into each other. It looks absolutely fabulous.

The best part of this discovery is the creator Mark Young. Mark is a fantastic guyunknown to the magic communitybut he has quietly honed and perfected his change MYC” over a lifetime of careful study. He has borrowed pieces from all the great bill changes and woven them into THE BEST BILL CHANGE WE HAVE EVER SEEN.

There’s a term in the publishing world called genre killer.” The idea is that publishers aspire to publish a book so definitive in its genre that it dominates the market entirely. Our goal with MYC” is to share what we believe to be the very best way to change a one into a twenty or an IOU into real currency. You’ll master it within minutes and it will serve you for a lifetime.