Nate Kranzo - Visual Voodoo


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The routines on this DVD are so deceptive?? they’re downright scary. Just when you think a trick is over?? Nate throws in a surprise kicker - and to top that?? sometimes there’s a KICKER TO THE KICKER! Also?? Nate reveals his work with one of magic's most closely guarded secrets-the Slippery Sam gimmick.

Melting Coin A diabolical routine that uses tow of your favorite things - fire and moey!!

Therdnase A triple color change so amazing?? Nate out-experts Erdnase under the table.

Mugger Three coins change VISUALLY as you drop them into a mug.

Standing Up to Ray and Bill A no-table Triumph paying tribute to Kosby and Goodwin.

Hot Shot Pocket Daryl’s Hotshot Cut with a starting card to pocket transformation.

Holy Pocket 3 Coins dropped one at a time in your breast pocket rip right through the fabric?? without destroying your jacket.

Tornado Straw Pierce the bottom of a fast-food cup with a straw - THEN RESTORE THE CUP faster than you can run to the bathroom.

Plus a Special Bonus… Nate’s Voodoo Card.