Nathan Kranzo - Flapjack Cafe


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Nathan Kranzo - Flapjack Cafe


This effect was created while performing atThe Flapjack CafeinPetoskey?? MI. It proved to be a real worker. Here’s why…

It’sVERYvisual. Major eye candy for sure.

The action of apparently slapping the cardsINTOthe table isVERYunique and novel.

It causes people to look under the table! They can’t figure out where those Jacks are going!

It’s fast paced.

One vanish after another. They don’t have a chance to follow the sleights. It’sNO MERCYtime.

When people are sitting around the table and the cards vanish in front of them they freak!

The construction of the effect allows you to flow seamlessly from one phase to the next with no fumbling or adjustments.

The final reappearance of the Jacks isKILLER!I have created a way to produce the four Jacks (or any four of a kind) withONEhand very quickly. When you see how it is done you will love it even more.

Then you will laugh at how easy it is!!!