Nicholas Byrd & James Coats - Conjuring Cola


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Conjuring Cola (Vol 1)


On this amazing DVD you will learn how to perform simple?? easy?? and fun magic tricks with soda cans and soda bottles.

Learn how to:

? Force a borrowed coin through the bottom of any soda can!
? Have a signed card appear in a selected soda can.
? Multipling cans of soda! Hand a buddy a can of soda.
? Bite into a can of soda?? drain it and then restore it!
? Make a soda can vanish or appear in any newspaper.
? Make a soda can appear from nowhere.
? Read your spectator's mind on which soda they will choose.


Featured Trick?? Dra-Cola! Imagine you're hanging out with friends and someone offers you a can of soda (ungimmicked). You gladly accept and mention that strangely enough you may be a descendent of the infamous Dracula. All of a sudden?? without warning you bite into the can. Soda shoots everywhere even squarting you and the spectators. After a few seconds of sucking the cola from the can you remove your lips to show that the can is crushed?? empty and the top is still sealed!

You wipe your mouth clean with your sleeve and remind your spectators of the vampire's dark ability to resurrect his victims. Well?? we don't resurrect we recycle. You begin to rotate the can and "Pow"?? "Pop" "Bang" the can begins to expand. The can completely expands to its original size and shape?? you pop the top and "shhhh" goes the fizz and out pours a complete can of cola!

This DVD contains a special section just for kids!

Run Time: 74 minutes

Conjuring Cola (Vol 2)

On this DVD you will learn to perform simple?? easy and fun magic tricks with soda cans and soda bottles. Learn how how to:

  • Force a soda can through your body
  • Backpalm and manipulate soda cans
  • Multiply full bottles of soda
  • Bite into an empty soda can?? and restore it
  • Use secret gimmicks?? such as?? bottle vaults and can magnets
  • Force a bottle cap through a glass or plastic soda bottle
  • Float a soda can in mid-air
  • and much more!


Featuring: Sam Rubman and "Antino" performing Son of Dracola

"This DVD set is perfect for beginners and people who love working with small practical items in their shows." -Gerald Kirchner?? Magic City?? Inc.

Running TimeApproximately 60min