Nick Belleas and Bill Montana - Frank's Ghost


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Nick Belleas and Bill Montana - Frank's Ghost

Product Description

Note: This effect requires a full head of hair!  That’s why I – Mark Stevens, will never be able to perform it! Be advised.

Frank’s Ghost is an original creation from the demonic minds of Nick Belleas and Bill Montana.  It can be one of the most real and chilling effects you will ever perform!

This effect can be performed virtually anywhere and is suited perfectly for paranormal and seance work.  In short this book will teach you the powerful and yet simple secret behind this remarkable effect – which chances are you already own, and if not the extra gimmick is readily available.

Frank’s Ghost has only bee shared with a small group of professionals – until now….  This booklet is 20 pages and will lay out the direction and technique for performing this effect – but as stated above you will require what is often called a ‘staple’ in magic to execute it as well.  t