Nick Lewin - 20-2-10s Routine


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This is a powerful piece of comedy sleight of hand that can add a double 'kicker' to any magic show. It can be presented close-up or in a full sized theatre and is the rare trick that is just as effective in either environment. For many years this effect has been a highlight of Nick's lecture and now, by popular demand, has been expanded and released

in this DVD.
The DVD contains a host of hints, tips and handlings on the '$100 Bill Swich,' 'The Card in Wallet' and other effects that it touches upon. It gives very valuble insight into how to perform 'small' magic and cause it to play back in the last row of a theatre or performing arts centre. An interesting topic that is rarely touched upon in magic releases.
Shot in an informal and deceptively casual manner, this DVD will add a powerful effect to the repertoire of any performer. It gets two loud bursts of applause and two effects into a two minute playing time. Of course, you could play it longer--- but what most acts need to add to their show is the strength of the double punch described above.