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ALAN RORRISON’S ‘NIGHT AND DAY’-Two stunning glass penetration effects that look like trick photography!

This is a stunning illusion. When I first saw it I thought I might be witnessing real magic!”- Cameron Francis

The illusion is visual eye candy and the fact that its as direct as an effect gets makes it a beautiful peice of magic. I like this a lot!”Steve Haynes

It is slow elegant magic at it finest. A coin is gently rubbed on the bottom of the glass. The magician moves his hand away and the frickin coin is INSIDE THE GLASS. No funny moves - BAM!” Donny Orbit

‘Dark as Night’is a coin through glass that would have looked at home in ‘The Matrix’. A borrowed and signed coin is touched to the bottom of a drinking glass where in a moment of pure visual clarity it appears to melt through! The coin appears to be suspended inside the glass itself for a brief moment before it is pushed through to its inevitable conclusion on the inside. The signed coin is now inside the glass having visually made its impossible journey through the bottom. The glass is then immediately handed out the coin still inside there is nothing to find!*

‘Clear as Day’is a perplexing coin through glass table effect stunning in its simplicity! You take a coin and spin it on the surface of a glass table. You stop it spinning and then slowly rub it through the glass! The hand that catches the coin under the glass is seen empty right before the penetration. Unlike most other coin through glass table effects you won’t see any rings on Alan’s fingers! This is a real world solution to an incredibly visual effect!


‘Card thru Table’
A card is freely selected and signed before being placed onto the ‘soft spot’ of a glass table. The pack is dribbled onto the signed card. When the dribbled cards are pushed aside underneath we find the signed selection having somehow passed through the table top! Easy amazing impromptu card magic at its best!

‘Coin thru Hand’
A cleverly constructed sequence which allows you to pass a coin through a spectators hand! First you pass a coin through your own hand it gets stuck but you shake it out. Then you repeat it with a spectators hand. Again it gets stuck with both your hands unmistakably empty you give the spectators hand a shake and out pops the coin into your awaiting hand!

Who is Alan Rorrison
Among those with their ear to the ground Alan is renowned as a creator of solid commercial off-beat effects and is a magician who actually works his stuff in the real world. Alan used ‘Clear as Day’ at his residency in a night club for a number of years. The effect was specifically designed for the venue being furnished with glass tables. After a renovation the glass tables suddenly disappeared and still receiving requests for the ‘coin thru glass’ trick Alan was forced to improvise and create the same effect without the table ‘Dark as Night’ was born!

Alan’s magic never fails to catch you out first time round (and second and third time round on most occasions!) and it is because he is unconstrained in his methods. ‘Dark as Night’ and ‘Clear as Day’ are two perfect examples of why Alan’s magic receives high plaudit’s from working pro’s the world over!