Nopera Whitley - Scorched


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Nopera Whitley - Scorched

"A revelation that will literally FRY them!"
A selected card is scorched into another playing card.
"Endless routine possibilities...
the Hottest way to reveal any card?? word?? name and more."

Routines include??

 a selected card is burnt into another card with a flash of fire.

Heart Burn a heart is burnt into a card with only your fingers. Includes smoke from fingers.

Words and Names great for book test and mentalism routines.

And other ideas from Andrew Gerard

DVD and Gimmicks included
*some routines require flash paper that is not included.
Basic tools are required to make the Scorched gimmick and should be available anywhere and not cost much either!

Running Time Approximately?? 1hr

Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.