Nyman Anthony Owen - Miracle Monte


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Andy Nyman is one of the co-writers and creators of the acclaimed Derren Brown TV specials and series . He recently co-wrote and co-directed Derren Brown - Live Derren s sell out UK tour. He is respected as a performer and teacher of mentalism and magic the world over and is one of a handful of British magicians who have performed at Hollywood s Magic Castle Monday Night Magic London and Monday Night Magic New York.

Anthony Owen is the BAFTA award winning producer of The Quick Trick Show Monkey Magic The Real Hustle Dirty Tricks The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe Marc Paul s Mind Games Magick In Search of the Indian Rope Trick Thomas Solomon?? Escape Artist and Derren Brown s specials and series . He has also created material for David Copperfield Paul Daniels Geoffrey Durham John Lenahan Dominic Wood and many others.

Together they have createdMiracleMonteconsidered by many to be the greatest version of the Three Card Trick with Four Cards. Every time the spectators will fail to find the playing card amongst the blank cards

Now complete with DVD instructions and sixteen page instruction booklet. Plus you ll receive bonus instructions for Anthony Owen s bonus routineMiracleMonte2008 and all the necessary cards to perform that bonus routine.

PRODUCT REVIEWS?? Donald Bevan Goodliffe s Abracadabra magazine 2595?? An excellent routine. Very visual easy to follow for the spectator and for the magician not difficult to learn. You get the printed instructions and the necessary cards supplied.

Phil Willmarth The Linking Ring magazine Feb. 97?? This effect will fool magicians and has a killer ending...Highly recommended.

Mike Close MAGIC Magazine March 1997?? Really excellent.
Danny Orleans Genii Magazine March 1997?? Terrific.
No Elmsley Counts or Misprinted Cards.