On The Rise Again by Michael Boden


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On The Rise Again by Michael Boden


In this effect the four aces mysteriously rise out from the deck (in a pivoting motion) and then the deck eerily cuts itself to find the spectators preferred ace selection. These two great effects are both performed with one great gimmick! See the on line video. It's a FREE TUTORIAL!

On The Rise Again
No threads
No Loops
No Elastics of any kind
No Body Hookups

"On the Rise Again was inspired from a Harry Lorayne 4 ace effect that was totally impromptu in nature but was unnatural in handling for my skill level at the time.

As a rule I prefer not to use a gaff in an effect unless it is beneficial in more than one way and the gimmick used in On The Rise again does just that. Not only does it make the effect feel better (cleaner) in your hands but it gives you an EXTRA bonus of a Haunted Pack effect at the same time.

The true payoff of using this gimmick is how easily it cleans up after you are through performing it. I hope you make one up for yourself and have as much fun as I have with it."