Ongelooflijke by Peter Pellikaan

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Ongelooflijke by Peter Pellikaan


new card magic trick video

Prepare to be fooled 100 times! This brand new exclusive download from Peter Pellikaan may well be the most fooling yet. Five baffling tricks and one fantastic utility move makes this a must-have for anyone who enjoys Peters unique brand of magic. Whether you do magic professionally or as a hobby we know that you WILL love the ingenious methods and wacky construction of these effects. The best part its ONLY $10!

You will learn:

Techno Jacks- Four double faced Jack of Clubs suddenly become the four Jacks. When they are turned over they somehow all have different colored backs!

Combination- Eight blue backed cards are shown four Jokers and four Queens. With the Queens on the table one by one they switch places with the Jokers. When the Jokers are turned over they are shown to ALL have different colored backs. Then so do the Queens! Oh and when you turn the Jokers back over they are no longer there they have changed into Kings!! If you like tricks with kicker endings you will LOVE Combination.

Future Water Oil- A multi-phase Oil and Water routine which is COMPLETELY examinable at the end!

CCC7- The four 7s magically turn face down as you count them. When you turn them back over the become 10s but before you can think about how it has happened the 10s turn blank… and all of the backs are shown to be different colors!

VarioVario- Four blank cards become the four Kings with the help of a special card. Then the backs all change colour. This is classic Pellikaan. Quick magical and VERY fooling!