Oouch! by Hugo Valenzuela


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Oouch! by Hugo Valenzuela

instructions donwload only no props included

The video speaks for itself!

A card is chosen by the spectator and signed by them. It is subsequently lost in the deck.

Then a dart is displayed. This dart is shown to pierce objects (sheets of paper/expanded plastic).

The cards are dropped on the floor and are spread around.

You aim the dart at the ground and let go attempting to pierce the selected card. Unexpectedly you make a mistake -- you pierce your own shoe with the dart!

You will hear instantaneous screams and excited yells from the spectators!

Finally when you lift your foot the signed card appears with a hole which wasn't there before!


This can be used on stage or you can modify its size if needed to carry it in the inner pocket of your jacket. You can prepare this in only 20 seconds.

It can be used with different shoes!

Oouch! Includes:

- Online video with detailed instructions
- Online template to print and vary its size