Osterlind's 13 Steps: 6: Blindfolds by Richard Osterlind


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Osterlind's 13 Steps: 6: Blindfolds by Richard Osterlind

In Step 6, Richard teaches his own preferences for Blindfold work! 

The step begins with Richard’s EXACT show that he uses in his professional work. Regardless of what type of blindfold you use, you can do this routine. 

Richard then talks about the 2 basic categories of Blindfolds, seeing down the nose and straight ahead vision. He moves on to talking about the standard steel blindfold and then gives the complete explanation for his revolutionary Stainless Steel Blindfold. If you already own this device, or have thought about purchasing one, you will have the complete understanding of its operation. 

Finally, Richard discusses the Versatile Blindfold and how it can be used for either the down the nose principle or straight vision secret. It is the Ultimate Utility Blindfold. This device can be made by anyone and will become one of your most important tools in mentalism! All the routines demonstrated and talked about on this step can be accomplished with this easy-to-make device!