Oz Pearlman - Cheek to Cheek


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Oz Pearlman - Cheek to Cheek


One of the best trick decks ever invented. Perform the world's cleanest TRIUMPH with no sleight of hand!

TheCheek to Cheek Deckallows you to perform one of the cleanest and most powerful routines in card magic--with absolutely no sleight of hand! If you can have someone pick a card?? put it back in the deck?? and shuffle... you can do the trick!

Cheek to Cheek'sspecialty is the Triumph routine. Here's how it works??

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The cards are shuffled face-up into face-down. At this point the magician seemingly has no way of possibly finding the card. But?? with a snap of the fingers?? the magician fixes the deck... all the cards are face-down... all except for one?? the selected card!

Expert card magicians useCheek to Cheekwhen they can't risk getting caught doing a "move"... It's a great choice for TV Appearances or anytime there's gonna be too much heat on the handling.

The amazing thing aboutCheek to Cheekis that it allows beginners to perform a world class version of Triumph instantly--with no difficult moves and no sleight of hand!

Just pop in the DVD and you'll be ready to start performing within minutes!

You'll learn

  • Basic Handling- The simple?? hard-hitting routine with no sleight of hand!
  • Advanced Handling- Oz's preferred handling and a chance to learn a breathtaking color change.
  • Deck Switch- How to bring the Cheek to Cheek Deck in and out of play during your act.
  • Bonus Routine 1?? Time Warp- A strong routine using the Cheek to Cheek Deck. Plus a chance to learn some very useful moves.
  • Bonus Routine 2?? Stuck on You- A quick?? visual trick. A great opening trick to do with your Cheek to Cheek Deck before going into the Triumph routine.
  • Performance- See Oz entertain crowds of people with the Cheek to Cheek Deck on the Las Vegas strip. A great learning opportunity.

This is powerful card magic that's fun to perform! Add Cheek to Cheek to your act today.

Running TimeApproximately 55min