Patrick Kun - Mirror Force


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Patrick Kun - Mirror Force



A casual?? clean?? easy to learn and use move which can be used to replace classic force.

Learn a technique that you'll use all the time?? with any deck?? and wonder how you ever got by without it.

You'll also learn a bonus effect that you can perform right away using this incredible sleight.

Video time is 15 Minutes.

Mirror Force is Patrick's take on Bert Allerton's Allerton Change. It share similar concept but used as force.

- Force the card you want them to take?? 100% every time
- Looks natural?? no funny moves
- Allow to hide the back of the card so you can change the color of the back
- Can be followed by convincing control instantly
- Can easily be palmed

- You'll also learn a bonus trick that you can perform right away