Patrick Kun - Piercing Thru


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Have you ever dreamed of the most visual signed coin through bottle effect that uses no extra gimmick and can be set up within seconds? I always have. Today my dream has finally come true and I'm very excited to share this effect with you. After seeing different coin through bottle effects out there today?? I never really satisfy with any of them because of their down sides so I came up with my own version that is even better. This is probably the most visual signed coin through bottle effect that you can find today. It is very simple and doesn't require much sleight of hands. It can be learned within 15 minutes?? if learn properly. This instruction video comes with different penetrations and handling that you can choose and some bonus ideas for other effect such as signed card in bottle.

A coin is borrowed and signed by the spectator. The plastic bottle is introduced and could be completely shown empty. The magician then takes the coin and penetrates it visually right through the bottom of the bottle. The spectators can clearly see that it is really their signed coin. Finally?? the coin is genuinely trapped inside the bottle and impossible to get out so the magician has to actually cut out the bottle to take the coin out. Everything could be totally examined at the end and the bottle could be given out as a souvenir.

?Very visual
?Coin can be borrowed and signed
?No extra gimmick added
?5 seconds set up or less
?Any plastic bottle can be used
?Could be done with water inside
?Use coin from different countries
?The bottle can be fully examined after the routine