Paul Hallas - Clever Card Magic


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Unreal, amazing and unusual card magic!
A professional entertainer for many years, Paul Hallas captivates his audience with a wide array of mind boggling card magic. From cloned cards to drawing a perfect royal flush, you won't find card magic like this anywhere else!
Watch Hallas' interactive audience performance and then discover the magic yourself as Paulwalks you through each trick himself. Eleven signature routines can be yours to perform! Make your reputation as a card pro!

Routines revealed on this DVD include:

  • Killer Clone Zone
  • Ace Assistant
  • Twist In a Glass
  • One for Rovi
  • "43"
  • Al Smith's Kings and Witches
  • V.C. Card
  • Psychic Poker
  • Favorite Cards
  • Universal Card Routine
  • His Favorite Trick