Paul Wilson - Extreme Possibilities


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Extreme Possibilities by R. Paul Wilson 


R. Paul Wilson Extreme Possibilities - 4 Volume Set


A collection of killer material from one of magic’s most creative minds. These brand-new DVDs feature some of Paul’s favorite close-up effects and stand-up routines. R. Paul Wilson’s classical approach combines old and new methods to produce incredible magic for every situation and for every level of skill, from beginner to expert.

Volume 1
ConCam Rendezvous– A shuffled deck and a prediction is all you need to perform this baffling effect.
Julie’s Number– The spectator removes any four number cards. These are reversed in four different parts of the deck. With a snap of the fingers they transform into the four Queens!
Zulu Sandwich– Three selections appear, one at a time, between two cards. A baffling production.
Fl-Ash– Paul’s application of a wonderful Michael Sibbernson idea combined with one of the finest card tricks ever invented.
Less Is More– The performer causes the Queens to repeatedly come to the top of the deck before finally changing to Aces.
Challenge Aces– A simple method is transformed into a stunning effect thanks to Paul’s commercial presentation. This has been in Paul’s repertoire for twenty years.
Gone Wishin’– Three coins appear, vanish then reappear inside a previously empty coin purse. A bold method for a powerful effect.
ConCam Ring On Stick– Paul’s famous visual ring routine. Pure magic for the eyes!
ConCam Monte– Paul’s brilliant underground version of the classic Dutch Looper. (Performance Only)

Volume 2
Tantalizer Too– A Royal Road classic is given a killer twist.
Justify Me– A Collectors routine with a difference. Three selections trapped between four Jacks disappear and reappear amongst the Aces.
Thinking It Over– A thoroughly baffling version of the Cards Across plot. A thought-of card vanishes from one packet and appears in the other.
Thief Of Hearts– Paul’s Valentine card trick, perfect for couples.
Matching The Cards– Paul’s favourite card trick – a Dai Vernon classic, included at Louis Falanga’s request.
Wilson’s Aces– Paul’s magician-fooling version of the classic Ace assembly.
Far Too Many Cards– A simple, entertaining effect for any occasion.
A New Wave– Three coins appear, vanish and reappear without the need for expensive gaffs.
Motel History– Paul’s unique approach to the “Hotel Mystery.” Simple and direct.
Ricochet– Paul’s famous version of the Reset plot. (Performance Only)
Spectrum– Paul’s powerful color-changing deck routine. (Performance Only)

Volume 3
Confabulous– Paul’s simple, offbeat version of Confabulation.
Tipless– One of Paul’s favorite stand-up effects. A vanishing silk that even fools magicians!
3 Through– Three coins pass through the table one at a time.
Popper Bound– Part of Paul’s professional repertoire. A coin routine your audience will love.
Jazz Two Step– Paul’s excellent version of Peter Kane’s Jazz Aces.
Left Turn On Cactus– Four spectators locate the four Aces. Not for beginners!
8 Card BW+2– Paul’s method for a Nick Trost classic.
Wilson All Backs– A misprinted deck of cards is magically repaired. (Performance Only)
Devilish Princess– A powerful transposition effect with a mentally-selected card.
Predator– A prediction with a twist. (Performance Only)

Volume 4
1002.5 Aces– A four-Ace assembly for when the time is right…
Written Wrongs– A sealed prediction is completely wrong – or is it?
Wild With The Ladies– Paul’s impromptu Wild Card routine – pure magic.
DDT Open Prediction– A simple, direct version of the Paul Curry masterpiece.
SVAR– A coin melts away then reappears at your fingertips.
The Mystery Of The Little Piece Of Cork– Paul’s wonderful version of Ramsay’s effect using props you can make yourself. A lesson in coin magic.
Bottoms Up– “Apparently” demonstrate the perfect Bottom Deal.
Ring On Silk– Quick, easy and effective. A simple stunner.
Paul Plays Poker– A demonstration of Paul’s remarkable cheating skills.(Performance only)