Paul Wilson - Unusual Session


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There are three card effects?? two coins effects?? a nice one with a straw and a little piece of paper?? and a wonderful unexplained cheating routine that will freak you out. It's amazing.

It's really good DVD.
This is the quality of the material I would have liked to see on the L&L Tapes. The coin routine was extended edition of his 3 fly. There was also variation on John Scarne 3 card predicion and unshuffling shuffle routine. Commercial and easy to follow kick ass magic! The note and straw thing was hilarious?? the black jack routine is extremely commercial.

The ending unexplainable poker routie was just phew... It just doesn't seem possible. Just think 10 card poker deal from a spectator shuffle deck where spectator choses the 10 cards?? anywhere from the deck. The spectator makes each choise and yet magicians wins. This was repeated like 3-4 times. Each time spectator takes any 10 cards he wants?? they are divided into pairs of twos and spectator choses what he takes and what is left to magicians. For those looking for Jonah cards or magicians choises like me?? don't have a chance... Anyone know if this is published? I have one theory on it but wow?? this is something I would add to my act.