Penguin Live Online Lecture - Bob White


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Bob White

Bob White is magics best kept secret!-Bill Malone
There are only a few bona fide master magicians living in the world today and one of them is Bob White.-Jared Kopf
Bob White has been a tremendous influence on my magic-Eric DeCamps
In an era where many magicians pay lip service to Erdnase Bob White continues to be the embodiment of that books teachings.-Tom Gaudette

What will he teach

The Flash DoubleA very clean and practical method for doing the double lift. Jamy Ian Swiss said it was the most natural unassuming and convincing” double lift he had ever come across.
The Fingerprint Card TrickAn updated handling of the classic sucker effect that happens away from the pack. A simple direct effect that has been in Bob’s professional repertoire for several decades.
The Ambitious Classic RevisitedA refined reworking of the Ambitious Classic that uses the ace two three and four.
A Simple Coin VanishA simplified and natural method for vanishing a coin or small object. Based on Charlie Miller’s coin vanish.
The Lie DetectorA great version of the lie detector plot performed with cards. This is a perfect trick to complement the Fingerprint Card Trick.
Bluff AcesBob White’s handling of the classic Marlo Ace routine.
The Sponge BunniesOne of the most powerful tricks in close up magic. Bob has done this trick in every close up performance he has performed for over fifty years. A refined handling- including tips on managing the trick and presentation.

Who is he

Bob White has been performing magic for over seventy years including over 40 years as a full time professional magician. Bob gave his first day-long seminar in 1996 titledIt’s a Matter of Style. This seminar focused on the hallmarks of Bob’s magic: simplicity and uniformity of action. In 2005 he released his first DVD on magicPractical Card Palming to critical acclaim. This was followed by highly regarded DVD’s on the Chinese Linking Rings the Cups and Balls the Torn and Restored Tissue Paper the Malini Egg Bag and Card Magic.
Bob received the 2010 Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts for his outstanding contributions to the field of performing magic. During his time in magic Bob benefited from learning from some of the most legendary names in magic- Dai Vernon Charlie Miller Don Alan and Karrell Fox. Bob is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of the craft with the audience at Penguin Magic.