Penguin Live Online Lecture - Colin Mcleod


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Colin Mcleod

One of the greatest thought readers of our time.-Uri Geller
How the bloody hell did you do that-Simon Cowell
Theres a very short list of creators/performers in the magic community that I will sit up and pay close attention to when they speak. Sometimes they speak through their commercial releases and if Im lucky enough to be their friends I get to hear from them directly! Colin Mcleod is at the top of that list. If you get the chance to hear see or read anything from Colin you WILL walk away with a fresh innovative perspective. I guarantee it.-Bill Abbott
One of the most brilliant and creative thinkers in mentalism alive today. His mind should be bronzed and worshiped by any mentalist seeking guidance.-Marc Salem
Colin McLeod has interesting creative and fun ideas about what mentalism can be where it can go and how it should be presented. He devises powerful head-scratching mysteries that take the entertainment value all the way up to 11 all of which he performs well and explains clearly without taking forever to do so. If there’s something else to want from a mentalism lecture I don’t know what it is. Colin has a terrible haircut and an accent no-one can understand but apart from that both he and his lectures are a treat. Watch enjoy learn and prepare to be fooled in the nicest possible way by a mind so sharp you could slice rocks with it.”Ian Rowland
Colin Mcleod is AMAZING! He creates wonderful audience engaging plots with ingenious methods and if that was not enough hes also a powerful and dynamic performer. If you get the chance to see him in action make sure you do.-Marc Paul
Colin McLeod IS the future of mentalism. Some in our field are superb performers others are immensely creative. Colin McLeod is both. And that sets him apart from just about everyone.-Ken Weber
I have said it once and I will say it over and over I am a big fan of Colins. His work is amazing. In fact he is a rising star in my book. He is the next Derren Brown.-Neal Scryer
As honoured as I am that some of my greatest mentors have been kind enough to praise me so highly I think you should come along and make up your own mind ...-Colin McLeod

Who on earth is Colin Mcleod!

A mind reader a Mentalist a Psychological Illusionist ... Call it whatever you like! Colin’s amazing skills having been taking him all around the world performing his unique brand of entertainment for everyone from A-list celebrities to appearing on prime time TV shows from theaters to comedy clubs ... you name it Colin has literally performed everywhere imaginable all with the same astonishing results. Colin has perfected his skills not just in messing with his audience’s minds but insuring they all love the entire experience! Ever since reading the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child Colin has been obsessed with creating his own techniques for essentially reading people. Having trained as a Forensic Scientist and specialised in Criminal Profiling he has taken all of his psychological skills and background hypnosis to design a truly unique entertainment genre.
Having now appeared on ITV’s Penn and Teller: Fool Us’ and ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ performed in Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas The Holywood Magic Castle the International Magic Festival the Edinburgh Fringe Festival the South Tyneside Magic Convention The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre The Edinburgh Festival Theatre The Lyceum Theatre The Edinburgh International Conference Centre ... And having performed at events for organisations including Santander The National Health Service Flexitronics Scotmid Camelot General Electric Amey KPMG Burness Reids Reins ... As well as being brought in as an expert to speak about the mind persuasion and creativity at Kilmarnock College Cumbernauld College Dundee College Cardonald College Glasgow Caledonian University as well coaching the senior management teams for some of the world’s leading industries ... It’s fair to say Colin is building an impressive CV and as more and more people are becoming aware of him he is becoming even more in demand. Unlike a number of other performers Colin is a full time professional performer and speaker ensuring you’re getting a talent of the highest caliber as it doesn’t clash with any other ‘day job.’ ...This IS his ‘day job.