Penguin Live Online Lecture - Cyril


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Cyril

This pioneer of modern street magic teaches us some fantastic effects!
As you may know Cyril has appeared in over 16 prime-time television specials in Japan and two television series reaching audiences in over 26 countries. Considered one of the pioneers of street magic and known for his ability to be an effective storyteller Cyril continues to create exciting new magic and discover new ways of surprising his fans while pushing the boundaries of magic on television and on the live stage.

In this Penguin Live lecture Dan Harlan talks with Cyril about how it all began for him and what it takes to be successful in the challenging world of televised magic.

He also shows you many of the skills he learned early on in his career walking you through a beautiful cigarette manipulation routine (including a few fancy juggling moves with a lit cigarette) and he reveals to you how it all looks from the other side.

As a special treat we enjoy a very early video of Cyril performing his award-winning FISM act featuring a large set costuming music story and more. He tells you how he put this act together and the challenges of staging such an elaborate piece. Plus they talk about his first major show in which Dan Harlan had a small role.

Cyril teaches some incredible card manipulation including a crazy version of the interlock production and a smart tip to disguise back palmed cards.

He also shares many behind-the-scenes stories of working on TV his favorite pieces and translating them to live stage. And he finishes off by floating a borrowed bill and showing you his way of returning it to the table thats virtually guaranteed to get you the tip.

Youll definitely enjoy this chance to get to know one of the most successful talented and humble entertainers in the world of magic!