Penguin Live Online Lecture - Jason Alexander


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Jason Alexander

Who is he
Obviously you recognize Jason Alexander from his role as George Costanza on the highly-successful sitcom Seinfeld. Hes also had an active career on stage appearing in several Broadway musicals even winning a Tony Award as Best Leading Actor in a Musical. And hes amassed an extensive list of TV and movie credits But what you may not know is Jason Alexander is an avid amateur magician with a love for mentalism.
In 2006 he was convinced to perform a week at the Magic Castle and (as a result of his engaging presentation) he was awarded the Parlor Magician of the year!
In this Penguin Live lecture Jason breaks down his performance beat-for-beat to reveal how he (as a trained actor) approached the role of a mentalist. What he reveals goes way beyond mere methods and speaks to the very core of context motivation and believability. It will inspire you in your own work.

What will he teach
He starts by explaining why he chose to open with Jon Allens Silent Treatment and how he scripted his opening remarks to answer questions and set the mood.
In his second effect he raises the stakes on the old which-hand-is-it-in plot by incorporating a charming character-driven story that makes you care.
Then he employs his theatrical training to read a helpers internalized emotions and reveal them through a beautiful piece of original poetry.
Next delving into the realm of chaos theory and the work of Dr. Meehl he connects people emotionally with a random process that turns out to be predictable.
Then taking a classic device in directions youve never seen before he creates an epic reveal that will make you re-assess the potential of this prop.
Youll learn so many valuable lessons in this lecture it should be required viewing for every magician and mentalist! Dont miss it!
If you could ask ONE question to one of the worlds most creative professional magicians what would it be
If youve never been to a magic lecture there08s never been a better time. Sunday January 3rd at 7:00pm were live-streaming Jason Alexander LIVE in a spectacular 2-hour online lecture. Watch and learn things you wont find in any book or DVD.