Pete McCabe - PM Card Mark System


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Pete McCabe - PM Card Mark System


The PM Card Mark System Plus Assorted Miracles
Mark your own Bicycle deck with a Sharpie.
For years I worked on a marking system practical enough that I could mark every deck I use. Finally I came up with thisits easy and costs almost nothing. After fooling everybody with it for 10 years Im selling it. HeyI gotta eat.

Cheap: Mark your own Bicycle deck with a Sharpie.
Easy to put on: If you can write you can mark a deck.
Easy to use: No codevalues are written in numbers and letters.
Powerful: Includes 20 easy direct miracles.

The 70-page pdf makes everything easy with pictures and step-by-step instructions you can followeven if you cant draw. Most of the 20 or so tricks are sleight free and theyre all great. Heres a free sample from the book.

Simple and lethal. Its hard to imagine a more practical weapon.
David Regal

Just go and order it.
Will Houston Magic Magazine