Peter Eggink - Invisible Reality


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Peter Eggink - Invisible Reality

Effects performed and explained:

“Invisible Reality” : A spectator’s signed selection becomes invisible?? changes colour and reappears between two Jokers! An eye-popping “sandwich” routine with a fresh and exciting approach!

Effect: From a blue deck of cards?? two Jokers are displayed and placed face down on the table. Next?? a spectator selects a card and signs it across the face. The card is placed back inside the deck?? the deck is spread face up?? and the signed selection seems to be vanished from the deck. The magician explains that the spectator’s card is still inside the deck?? but has actually become invisible.

The magician continues by taking the “invisible” card out of the deck?? rubbing the back against his sleeve?? and explaining that the spectator’s card has changed colour! Of course the spectator doesn’t believe this?? since the card seems invisible… To prove this fact?? the magician attempts to make the card visible again by sliding the invisible card between the two Jokers on the table. The two Jokers are spread—and one red-backed card appears trapped between them. The card is turned face up—cleanly and fairly—and yes?? it’s the signed selection!

The magician rubs the back of the card against his sleeve again?? explaining that although the card is visible again?? the back of the card can still be changed. And that’s exactly what happens! Once again?? the back of the card is blue!
Of course?? the spectator can keep their card as a souvenir.

A truly devastating routine?? with a diabolical method!

Also included:

“Knock Out” :

Three signed cards are revealed in the most unbelievable manner. This is eye candy of the highest calibre! “Knock Out” will hit them like the proverbial freight train!

“B-Sandwiched” :

A new take on the classic Sandwich card plot. The “Wrong” card appears between two Jokers. Visually and magically?? the “wrong” card changes into the spectators signed selection! Seeing is (not) believing!

"Lucky Card" :

The magician introduces his "Lucky Card"?? the only RED backed and SIGNED card in the deck. A spectator freely selects a card from the pack and signs it across the face. When the card is turned Over it appears to be the magician's "Lucky Card"!. Simple?? Visual and Strong magic!

Bonus Effect: "3 Fry" (updated version) :

Three cards are removed from the deck by the magician?? the faces are not shown yet. The cards are isolated in a Jumbo Paperclip and placed on the table in full view. Three spectators are asked to choose a card?? sign it across the face?? and to replace it anywhere inside the deck. The paperclipped cards are then dramatically turned face-up and spread out slowly?? to reveal the THREE SIGNED CARDS IN-BETWEEN THE JUMBO PAPERCLIP!!