Peter Turner - Bigger Fish 2


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Peter Turner - Bigger Fish 2


Peter Turner is currently one of the most respected mentalists in the world. His rise to fame is in no small way attributed to the contents of his first published book titled Bigger Fish”.

This limited edition title was snapped up upon its release and received glowing praise from names such as Bob Cassidy and Kenton Knepper. As it stands this title remains along side the original Pure Effect” as one of the most sought after books ever written upon the subject of mentalism.

Due to the limited nature of this second installment this sadly wont be stocked by Magicbox however having worked closely with Pete in the past on his previous projects such as The Devil in Disguise DVD” and the Isabella’s Star 2″ book we can be certain that this will be just as popular.

Pete tells us that this is presently getting proofed ready for Print and we will bring you updated information on both its contents and how to grab a copy as things develop.