Peter Turner - Confabulation of Confabulations


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Peter Turner - Confabulation of Confabulations


This 3 effect ebook contains 2 never before released effects from the genius mind of Peter Turner. These effects fly so far under the radar they become as real as it gets!

The Weekly Forecast

Give your client a prediction inside a sealed envelope. Give him a week to choose any word from a newspaper headline even allowing him to change his mind at the last minute. Then have him OPEN the envelope to reveal your prediction!

The Brain Cell Killer

Freely chosen numbers produce a killer prediction that happens...on the entire audiences cell phones at the same time! Stun the audience with a prediction of the entire nights events on their own cell phones. A powerful and nearly-impromptu closer!

Prediction production

This is a fantastic way to make anyand I mean ANYprediction come from inside a locked box. No need for expensive prediction chests that arent practical. And the spectator can even remove the prediction for themselves!

If you are familiar with Peter Turners thinking you know that the previous effects must use SIMPLE DIRECT AND BOLD methodologies. Each one is a signature piece that cement your reputation as a miracle worker.

I guarantee that your audience will talk for a long time after about how wonderful and impossible your performance was.”

Peter Turner