Peter Turner - Jinxed(1-2)


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Peter Turner - Jinxed(1-2)

Over THREE HOURS of creative mentalism methods and techniques taught by one of the most influential mentalists of our time.

This new DVD set is Peter Turners latest and most practical work to be presented to the magic community. As with much of his material its not intended to be owned by everyone.
Only 700 sets will ever be produced.
If you have ever tried to get hold of material by Peter Turner youll know how his training material sells out in record time only to become highly collectable as mentalists fight over getting access to the rare copies that change hands from time to time.
How do you define genius thinking in magic Its the ability to hold all the current thought in a field of study then step right out of it to create new techniques or approaches that have such a large creative leap that they can change the direction of thinking in that field. Peter Turner embodies this ability. His methods are creative and bold and his performances are faultless. He truly gives an experience that will stay with them forever.
Jinxed is Peters contemporary take on Annemanns core work in mentalism. If you are serious about developing your abilities in mentalism nows your chance to add Peter Turners knowledge to your collection.


Is this material practical in the real world
Yes thats part of the reason Peter Turner is so well respected. He doesnt just talk the talk. You will see his material in action how he presents it and how you can too.
Will I have to learn his full routines to gain from this training
No. We think that you probably will want to but thats not the point. Jinxed is full of practical techniques that you can build into your current material if you dont want to add in full routines. If you have ever been lucky enough to see Peter lecture you will know how excited mentalists get after the lecture as they discuss how easy it would be to build in his techniques to their current material.
Is this hard to master
Like anything thats really worth learning you will need to practice. However Peters style is organic and conversational.
Jinxed is about connecting with people just as much as it is about mechanical secret technique. Peters style makes learning and performing feel natural and effortless.
If you are new to mentalism its a great way to develop your performing style that will influence and improve your learning across all your future training.
Jinxed is without question one of the most important and greatly awaited releases in mentalism is finally here.
Say the name Peter Turner amongst a group of mentalists or mind readers and every conversation stops right there. You get everyones attention right away. Why is that
Peter has carved a name for himself within the magic community as not only a unique performer but a devilish thinker.
Peter has a definite way with words. If you want your performances to become legendary stories retold between laymen and to be remembered forever then listen to everything this man has to say. Regarded as one of the most influential mentalists of our time he has consulted on countless projects for TV and stage.