Peter Turner - The S.T.E.M.System


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Peter Turner - The S.T.E.M.System

Peter Turner has been privileged to work on television radio and live shows around the world as a consultant expert and off screen advisor to some ofthe biggest names in our industry.
Peter finallyreveals to you the secrets and techniquesused behind the scenes to make those performers performances look miraculous.
This DVD course is invaluable for live performance or for performers looking to improve the level of their online content promotional videos and social media campaigns by taking them to the next level. For the first time you will learn techniques to make your routines impossible to comprehend for your audiences without having to creatively edit or cut out chunks of the performance.
Also covered in over four hours of in-depth discussions are techniques on Hypnotic work building premises and scripting your performance so everything seems very fair and without question. The course concludes in a discussion with Anthony Jacquin the highly acclaimed hypnotist and performer.
This course hosted by David Penn not only covers pre-show all of the effects and methods discussed can be used real time in live performances. This is an in depth study into a world that few performers get to know about an area of mentalism that is rarely talked about.
The techniques on this project are invaluable for performers that market their brand with videos advertise on social media appear on radio and television or just want to know as much about this beautiful art form as is possible.
This DVD set isnot for novices or amateursbecause the material here is so powerful you willleave your participants minds BLOWN!