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Phill Smith - Interl8ced



Interl8ced (with an 8, there's a reason) is a simple semi-self-working technique that I developed for playing cards, but which I’ve expanded on and experimented with (and become kind of obsessed with over the last couple of months) so you can use it in MANY more situations.


You can use it close-up, in cabaret or on stage, it works with one person or you can include a whole table full of people. You can use a borrowed deck or items you find wherever you happen to be performing. You can do it face to face, you can do it over Skype, over text, you could do a Facebook live video and read a dozen minds at a time - once you understand the method, this will all seem easy - it’s part of a toolkit of methods I’ve been developing that allows you to organically create powerful pieces of magic and mentalism, that are unique to you, without having to invent everything from first principles.

What's the effect?

You have 8 objects, one of which the punter is thinking of - Interl8ced is a very simple, completely impromptu procedure for learning which one they are thinking of. It takes maybe a minute to do, is easily organically justified, and lets you reveal the information however you like, whenever you like. And not only that, using the techniques described in this text, the Interl8ced method can be used to determine all kinds of hidden information: thought of names, places, dreams, drawings, with the same kind of impact as a peek wallet or CT, except you are always clean, everything is always examinable, it can all be borrowed, it's nuts.

If you've read my books Quinta or GME you know that when I get hold of a method I really enjoy I'm like a dog with a bone - I'll chew the hell out of it until I've extracted every ounce of benefit. Put it like this: two of the best card tricks I know at the moment are Interl8ced - fully impromptu and from a borrowed deck of any kind; playing cards, tarot cards, Pokemon cards, birthday cards, credit cards... and they are both in the book. If I wanted to know the name of someone's first kiss at the drop of a hat, right now, I'd use Interl8ced. Working a table and want to get everyone to lean in and play a part? Interl8ced. (not all in the same gig though - the effect is crazy, but I'm not!)

I performed an Interl8ced effect recently for a group of magicians and the version I performed I had made up that day SPECIFICALLY to show them. It blew them away. Later I performed a different version for a lay audience based on a lie-detector theme and THEY were blown away too. To outside eyes they were barely the same effect, which is nuts. I’ve included both versions in the ebook, but let me tell you there’s nothing as satisfying as engaging and crushing an audience with a piece you have created yourself, and that’s what the last chapter in this ebook is all about.

What you get

Interl8ced is a 38 page instant download PDF that explains the method, how it works, why it works, how it can work in a dozen or so different effects with a borrowed deck, business cards, crayons, food, people, all kinds of things, and how you can use the method to create your own bespoke effects at the drop of a hat.

I provide full support for my work. I work in the tech and design industry and I learnt a long time ago that I can’t just drop a project in a client’s lap and walk away. People need ongoing support and interaction, and I provide that in all my work. My first three books Mitox, Yokai and Mokele all went to second editions because I’d provided so much extra material and updates to buyers and found out what problems people were having, I needed to update the books. When I released Stegosaurus through Penguin magic I provided a massive amount of extra material because people asked for it - comprehensive word lists in as many different languages as people asked for - specifically because I want people performing this stuff. And I think that’s part of the reason why every one of the 36 reviews for that effect on the Penguin site is the maximum FIVE STARS.

So when you buy Interl8ced you also get my time and expertise to help you get your head around the effects in the ebook. You’ve got this email so you’ve got my email address, and if you have a question when you are reading Interl8ced it won’t go in the SPAM folder - I’ll do what it takes to help you get comfortable with the method.

Not that I think you'll need much help. Interl8ced is easy, because Ive put a lot of work into making it as simple and ACCESSIBLE as possible. I want you to go out and fry people with this, and I know if it's fussy or too complex, that won't happen. So I've worked long and hard to make sure not only that its explained clearly but the method itself has been made as easy as it can be made. I've done all the complicated stuff so you don't have to.

How much is it?

I wanted to keep it accessible in terms of price too, which is why I’m offering it for this cut down price for the first week, just £15. And remember, for that you get the full ebook, all the effects, you get free lifetime access to any updates released through the site, and you get full support from me to help learning the effect. After the first week the price will go up to the normal price of £20.

I’ve got a pretty tight group of wizards from various fields who have helped me out with feedback and ideas, and the feedback has been very positive so far - here’s what a few people who have had early access to the method have had to say about it:



“Using one core concept, Phill has evolved a series of fascinating and very strong interactive presentations. The principle, once learnt can be applied to a wide array of objects and presentational possibilities limited only by your imagination.”

John Carey (who followed with: “Love it mate!!! I will use the bare bones and lie detector. The idea with the group of 8 people made me laugh out loud. Lovely thinking.” )



“All I can say bro is "excellent" Loving the simplicity but very cunning and clever way you have taken this method to another level! My mind now is totally interl8ced with creativity!”

Mozique, creator and consultant to the stars



“With nothing more than a few pieces of card you can create all manner of new effects and presentations - Interl8ced is simple, accessible, flexible and fun to do.”

Peter Antoniou, Psychic Comedium



"Phill’s Interl8ced is a tidy way to learn what your audience is thinking with an intriguing procedure that will leave them scratching their heads. It's cool! Seriously.”

Looch, creator of The Black Project



"More diabolically clever material from the fertile mind of Mr. Smith. I defy you not to put this into action right away. I'll admit that I'm biased, as I've been a big fan of Phill and his work for many years now---but that aside, Inter8ced is a must have. Period."

Daniel Ulin



I know it looks like I must be holding these guy’s puppies ransom to get such positive comments from such a disparate group - to be honest it probably would have been easier that doing all the development work for Interl8ced.

I think you’ll like it, I’m really excited about releasing the method and associated routines and seeing what you create with the core I’ve built.