Pit Hartling - The Little Green Lecture


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Pit Hartling - The Little Green Lecture


Here is short description of the tricks??


Robin Hood??Pit makes four Aces appear and asks the spectator to count them and make sure that there are just four cards. The Aces are put into the card box. Three cards are selected and?? using a rubberband?? Pit makes a deck a bow and shoots the chosen cards inside card box between aces! This really fooled me!


Chameleon??Pit introducesa Joker as a "chameleon" and tells some jokes about it. Then three cards are chosen and ?one card at a time ?the Joker changes to duplicate of selected cards. Everything is left for inspection. This is also a very good trick that contains some very visual changes.


Chaos??Two cards are are selected and returned to deck. The deck is gathered up without Pit even touching the deck. Then he shuffles the deck many ways and even the spectators shuffle the deck. After that?? Pit finds the cards in a matter of seconds. This fooled me a lot?? but it contains some preparation.


Electronic Deck??Three cards are chosen and returned to deck. First two cards rise from deck and after that a piece of paper drops hanging from a card. It reads "DEFECT". The card is pulled out and it is very odd shaped?? but it is chosen card. The trick is not so great?? but you can use the principlel for many other


Triathlon??One card is chosen?? one isthought of?? and one is put under spectators chair. Pit finds every card. It sounds like normal "pick a card" trick?? but it is lot more.


Cupid??Pit tells that Joker is Cupid?? the prince of love. The deck isreally shuffled!Half of the deck is put into the card box. After that?? some cards are chosen and returned to deck. Each time they are found next to their mate (Jack of Clubs next to the Jack of Spades?? and so on). At the end?? the whole deck is shown to be mated; every card is next to it mate. This will fool you and everybody. You have no idea how he did it?? but luckily he will teach it. You can also use the principle in other ways.This
trick is worth the price of the tape. Get the tape to learn this effect!