PK Son - Obsession


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PK Son - Obsession


Korea's most talented underground street magician.

He has been amazing thousands of people with just a regular deck of cards.
No gaff?? minimum set up?? impromtu?? and VISUAL magic.

His DVD will teach you everything you need to know from slieghts to patter?? subtleties and routining.

The moves?? presentation?? misdirection?? and variations are taught in-depth giving you all the confidence you need to go out and blow people away.
Leave your gaffs at home.
All you need is a deck of cards.

Trick List??

- The Zerith Card Trick
- Deviant Drifter
- Innerversion
- Did You Check?
- Vodka Twist
- Birthday Card
- Buffer 8M
- Genius Jokers
- Vicarious Theta