Premise & Premonition (4 DVD Set) by Luke Jermay

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Premise Premonition (4 DVD Set)by Luke Jermay - download

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Luke Jermay is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and respected mentalists of our time. A true auteur his style of mindreading has affected the way many performers view their craft. In this set we see Luke performing a wide range of material from practical cabaret mentalism to miracle-level close-up card magic. Perhaps most exciting Luke also performs and explains a full twenty-minute hypnosis demonstration.
* Fifteen reputation-making routines direct from Lukes repertoire.
* A full DVD (including two performances) on Lukes headline prediction: the perfect publicity stunt.
* Learn Lukes no-hypnosis hypnotism act and a full Q A style show with absolutely no preshow or stooges.
Full Contents:
Silent Communication
Black Ball Location
Shape Shifter Drawing Duplication
Dirty Secret Club
Touching on Hypnosis
Modern Oracle
Fools Journey
Blindfold Deal Other Routines
Marked Personality
He Will Find You
Story Without an End
Double Dowsing
Nailed ACAAN (performance only)
Premonition Headline Prediction
Gladwin Interviews Jermay
Closing Thoughts
Running time: 8.5 hours. 4 DVDs in a beautiful slipcase.