Psychic Phone by Antonio Satiru


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Psychic Phone by Antonio Satiru

Heres an incredible prediction effect using the spectators own phone!

End your routine with this jawdropping effect. Your audience be psyched when they see you can make any prediction appear on their phone. Establish yourself as a true magician in just a few seconds.Psychic Phoneis the type of effect that leaves them in total awe. Its not simply an effect where you write a prediction on their phone... you will make their phone go crazy have blurry images and distort the screen without even touching it. You can do it instantly at any time. No preshow no need to install any special apps or download anything on their phone. You can literally stop somebody at any time on the street and ask them to choose a card or think of a number. Then you ask them to pull out their phone and just watch how theyre about to drop the phone with absolute amazement.

Psychic Phoneis great for any type of routine. It will give you the ability to reveal anything... and when I say anything I mean literally anything in the world you can think of. It doesnt require any stooges assistants or preshow and it all takes place on the spectators phone which they are holding in their hand.

Download the video now for immediate learning!