Randi Rain - Pk Ring Effects (1-4)


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Bill Shift (PK Ring Effects V1)
The Bill shift is a great close-up effect that you can perform just about any time and any where. You show a one dollar bill?? fold it up?? make a magical gesture and the bill changes into a larger denomination of bill. The bill can then be handed out for examination. A very easy?? clean?? and pretty bill switch
Can be performed with any currency.
Running TimeApproximately 11min
Repeal (PK Ring Effects V2)
REPEAL is a "flat" cap in bottle routine. A close-up effect where you take a bottle that you have been drinking from and magically place the cap inside. The cap is flat and can not fit out the neck of the bottle. You can hand the bottle out for examination immediately so they can view the miracle for themselves. The set-up is simple?? and can easily be done on the fly with the very bottle you are drinking from.
Running TimeApproximately 13min
Jigger Not! (PK Ring Effects V3)
Jigger Not!Is a great modified chop cup routine. You use a mixing jigger to perform some really pretty moves. Such as?? where the ball gets pushed through the jigger?? and also were it gets sucked from the bottom. Plus?? an easy to do vanish where the ball gets thrown back under the jigger.
Running TimeApproximately 11min
Flying Matches (PK Ring Effects V4)
Flying Matchesis a collection of match effects that you can do almost any time and any where. Probably the most easy?? fund and complete PK ring effect there is. Full of transpositions and vanishes. These effects will most definitely find their was into any match trick routine.
Running TimeApproximately 21min