Ray Kosby - Impossible Close-Up Magic


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Routines performed and explained??

* Silver and Bone?? A two phase routine which starts with a coin visually penetrating through your hand and concluding with a visual transposition between a half dollar and a jumbo coin.
* Sidewinder Pretzel?? An ordinary pretzel stick is bent at right angles and then twisted into the standard pretzel design.
* Rubber Nightmare?? A large rubber band is split into three equal sized bands and then the three bands are shown to be of different lengths -- a small?? medium and large. The professor's Nightmare with rubber bands?
* Square One?? A startling coin assembly with no covers where the coins assemble to one spot on the table and instantly jump back to the four corners.
* The Bite?? Ray's trademark routine where he takes a bite out of a red apple and a moment later he is seen holding a green apple with the same bite missing. No switches and no sleight-of-hand used. 
* Twixt the Threads?? A coin penetrates through the center of a handkerchief.
* Osmosis?? A ball visually penetrates through the center of a clear plastic bag.
* The Picnic Trick?? A can of soda is popped open so the liquid splashes. You rub the opening of the can and it heals itself so it is as good as new.
* 1 2 3 4?? Four sponge cubes are produced and placed in your fist. The fist is opened to show a giant number "4" made out of sponge. The "4" is then ripped into four separate cubes.