Red Hot Mama The Chicago Opener (Video version)


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 Red Hot Mama The Chicago Opener (Video version)
The real work on The Chicago Opener. Red Hot Mama is a gem of commercial card magic. Conceived by Frank Everhart and popularized by Jim Ryan, two legends of Chicago's famous bar magic scene, this entertaining effect's tremendous audience impact is matched only by its ease of performance. In case you're not familiar with the effect, here it is in a nutshell. You take out a blue backed deck, spread the cards, and have one freely selected. After noting and showing the card, the spectator returns it to the middle of the deck. You now have a young lady blow a kiss at the deck and ask her if she knows what that does? You tell her it makes the card "BLUSH." Without any false moves, you spread the cards to reveal there is now a RED card in the middle of the blue backed deck. The lone red card is turned over and shown it is, indeed, the spectator's card. This card is then placed face down on the young lady's hand and a second card is chosen. You ask her to blow a kiss at the deck once more. But this time, no card changes. You ask her to blow another kiss. Again, to no avail. After a moment, it occurs to you that she is already holding a red card. You ask the name of the card just chosen. The young lady turns over the red card in her hand and it has changed into the card just chosen!
Over the years, many magicians have attempted to "improve" this trick by adding unneccessary moves and twists. Most of these alterations have done more to muddle the effect than to add impact to the outcome. That's why, in this new eManuscript written with the kind assistance of Chicago magician and long-time friend of the late Jim Ryan, Tom Dobrowolski, we are pleased to bring you the real work. Red Hot Mama is a trick you'll enjoy learning and performing.