Rich Ferguson - S3rialBill3r


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Rich Ferguson - SerialBiller

At first it might look like just another restored bill effect.

Until you realize the spectator canverifythe serial  number from their own borrowed bill, bothbeforeandafterthe restoration.

 To top it offthe dollar the spectator leaves with is 100% ungimmicked, unaltered, undamaged and legit!

In a filled with little known moves, switches, and presentation-concepts-that-build-reputation, Ferguson takes us on a learning experience reminiscent of TAGGED.  Once you get Rich started, the gems begin to flow and as you sit in your chair watching you find yourselflearning- big time.

- At 2 hours long this is dedicated to teaching you Serial Biller with invaluable audience management and psychology.

- Immensely practical

- Loaded with rare advice, switches and moves

- Works with almost any currency. Question about your currency? Seethisforum thread or read the FAQs tab just above

- Easy to put together and perform

- Reset in 60 seconds