Rich Marotta Penguin Live Online Lecture


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Rich Marotta Penguin Live Online Lecture


One of the world's funniest magicians came to Penguin LIVE!

What will he teach?

The Premise of the lecture: Every venue requires different effects and presentations. The venue determines the conditions and the conditions determine what you do and how you do it.

I will do effects from each of these 6 venues:

1. Close-up walk around magic, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, Bar Mitzvahs.
These are the first 4 tricks from my hospitality set. I will do all four effects and then explain them. Why I do them in the particular order. How to work all the participants, how to reset, and how to approach.

2. Formal close up shows: dinner parties, small theaters and rooms, house parties.
I present these tricks in a close up setting. Each routine has multiple endings. I explain why this is important and how to apparently repeat the same effect with a different method. The third effect, Ring and Rope, has 7 different climaxes. I talk about why it is important to try to do more than one effect with the props you are using and how to keep a routine going and going.

3. Stand up: Comedy clubs, small theaters, large parties, banquets
These are effects from my stand up act. I will go into a great deal of detail on the explanation of each one. Preparation, presentation, bits of business.

4. Trade shows
This is a trick designed specifically for Trade Show gigs. I explain that you are hired for a trade show to get potential customers to the booth. The buyer doesn’t care about your magic ability or sleight of hand skills. The sales pitch that goes with this effect is, “I guarantee that a customer of your choosing will come to your booth and speak with you.” That’s right… NO CONNECTION -- NO FEE. I’ve always been paid.

5. Casual Magic for potential customers in bars, restaurants, etc.
The pace of these effects is slower, but the effects are devastating. Very strong magic that you take the time to sell.

6.Magic for Magicians
What to do for your fellow magicians. They think they know everything. They think they’ve seen everything. You’re not going to fool them. Here are two tricks that will keep you King of the Hill.

7. Full evening illusion show: Theaters, festivals

Who is he?

Besides being one of the foremost close up magicians in the world, Rich is also an accomplished stage performer and Stand Up comedian.

He has performed his one man show in all fifty states. He has appeared on over 20 television shows including, COMIC STRIP LIVE, SHOWTIME COMEDY CLUB, and COMEDY ON THE ROAD. He has also appeared on television in London, England, Melbourne, Australia and Madrid, Spain.