Richard Turner - Live Lecture 35 Years


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35 YEARS of CHEATING?? FIGHTING & FUN! DVD highlights Richard’s fascinating life story?? from his grueling days as a karate fighter to his mastery of the pasteboards.

LIVE at the MAGIC CASTLE - 2010 Treat yourself to a front row seat at Richard's live performance at the world famous showcase of magic as he executes the latest and most difficult gambling moves?? and discover why you should know who you are playing cards with!

LECTURE HIGHLIGHTS Richard's lectures provide insightful instruction for magicians?? but everyone will enjoy these highlights.

THE LECTURE Serious magicians will appreciate the golden nuggets of knowledge scattered throughout Richard's lectures?? where he reveals his many methods for dealing seconds and bottoms and performing many other classic gambling moves.

A TRIBUTE TO SOME OF THE CARD GREATS: "DUELING CARD SHARKS" & "THE CARDMEN'S GET TOGETHER" Join retired gaming regulator Bruce Samboy and his camcorder in this wonderful tribute memorializing Steve Forte's hosting of Paul Wilson and Richard during an impromptu afternoon of playing card mastery as well as Richard's gathering of the most respected card mechanics and magicians in the country?? including Steve Forte?? Jason England?? and Ron Conley.

Richard Turner - Live Lecture. 35 Years of Cheating?? Fighting?? and Fun

RICHARD GARRIOTT & ASA SPADES TURNER Be a guest at the wonderful home of space traveler and video game creator Richard Garriott as he hosts Asa Spades’ fourteenth birthday party—sharing and demonstrating many of his one-of-a-kind treasures.

DAI VERNON: BEST MAN Rare wedding-day footage of everyone trying to find the groom?? Richard?? and his best man?? Dai Vernon?? as the bride walks down the aisle!

FIGHTING & FUN What does it take to become a Master sixth degree black belt with vision like a bat's? Pain?? pain and more pain!

This dual layer DVD is jam-packed with four hours of Cheating?? Fighting & Fun!