Rob Greenlee - Lockdown


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Got gum?

In an instant a SIGNED dime passes into a SEALED pack of gum. Another sweet trick from the creator of best-selling Ziplocked.

The effect is quick?? visual?? and you will be able to perform shortly after your DVD arrives. A special gimmick is INCLUDED.

DVD Only. Special gimmick included?? fits on your key-chain

? Easy to perform?? very visual
? Sets up in three seconds
? Ends clean

Note: Due to the nature of the gimmick included?? this effect should only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

Rob Greenlee takes a pack of gum out to the streets of Toronto to blow the minds of unsuspecting citizens. Rob consulted with Adam Rose and Peter McKinnon to develop the cleanest?? fastest and most visual disappearance of a coin - a wave of a pack of gum and it's gone.