Robert Shaw - Robbie's Devastating Revelation Deck


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There are so many effects where a chosen card ends up being the only card in a deck?? & the rest are shown to be all blank?? so why do we need another?

Well the reason is?? that this one?? beats all the others hands down!!
No forcing! No Switches! Just One Deck!
Basic Effect:
Magician removes a pack of cards from the box?? & places them face down on the table?? a spectator is asked to name any card out of 52 (FREE CHOICE?? ABSOLUTELY NO FORCE AT ALL)they can change their mind as often as they wish. You pick up the deck?? explaining that the cards are secretly “Marked” on the backs?? so because of that?? you can locate any card. Magician spreads the cards?? & explains that “Your card is under that one” as you point to one card?? you then cut the deck at that point?? bringing the cut to card to the top of the face down deck?? you then lift the top face down card from the the deck?? & one card below it is seen to be FACE UP?? it is the FREELY selected card?? all the other cards are seen to be FACE DOWN!! The magician states “I’m so pleased you selected that particular card?? because if you hadn’t??I’m not sure what I would have done…………………. The cards are turned over?? & all the faces are seen to be BLANK!!! The only card in the deck is the spectator’s FREELY chosen card!!
Only one deck of cards is used?? these are on the table BEFORE the selection?? there are 52 cards to the pack (no more & no less) resets with a couple of cuts. No sticky cards are used. Total FREE CHOICE of card. EASY TO DO!!
Mike Danata’s Magic Studio?? already owns the rights to a few similar effects to this one (Wayne Dobson’s “Devastation” for instance) but I have to say that I think this one is cleaner……..
Comes complete with the special Bicycle Pack that does most of the work for you (just add the presentation?? & your personality!) A DVD with many additional ideas??(this deck will do SO MUCH MORE!!).
DVD content includes:
Basic Handling.
Alternative Thoughts.
Two Deck Invisible (by Mike Danata) using TWO spectators & two apparently Invisible Decks!
R.D.R. Deck for Trade Shows (with thanks to Gary Jones?? for this splendid idea)
Turn your R.D.R. deck into a very powerful advertising tool?? that will please your bookers no end!