Scott Alexander LIVE (Penguin LIVE)


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Penguin Live Online Lecture - Scott Alexander

One of the busiest professionals in the business came to Penguin for a jaw-dropping 4-hour live event.

” Wow… I’ve never seen magic like that before.”-Michael Jackson
The magic of your words touched everyone.”-Oprah
Very unique and different for a magician.”-Sharon Osborne
I’ve seen levitation before but not like that. Amazing!”-Howie Mandel
Wow you guys are still applauding Maybe we should bring the magician back out here.”-Dennis Miller
This guy is pure showmanship.”-Piers Morgan
Scott sports an amiable self-deprecating stage presence as he does tricks only magic aficionados are likely to have seen elsewhere.”-Las Vegas Review Journal

What will he teach

  • Water monte
  • Spitball Bullet catch
  • Diving Fork
  • New Chop Cup moves
  • BAREHANDED shot glass production
  • Sure Shot Glass production
  • Ring Flight
  • Shoe Business
  • MIB


Performances of:

  • Velocity
  • Shattered
  • Slashed
  • The a Final Cut (Bill in Lemon)

Plus hell offer tips on getting your magic up on stage putting together an act and making close-up tricks play on stage by changing the framing.

Who is he

Scott Alexander is one of the busiest professionals in the business. And if that doesnt jingle your bells check this out...
His magic reached millions on season six of America’s Got Talent where he advanced all the way with his large stage illusions.
He was also featured in articles in People Magazine and Nations Business and Oprah Winfrey invited him to make a guest appearance on her show.
Scott had the honor of headlining at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for over seven years and performing over 4000 times!
He has been featured on The Sify Channel Discovery Channel and NBC as well as appearing on the prestigious Le Grand Plus Cabaret Du Monde in Paris.
Now Scott Alexander is coming here to Penguin Live for a festive celebration of this magical time of year.