Sean Fields - Benz


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Mentalism is?? by its very nature?? an implicit art.

But it doesn't have to be!

Sean Fields created a sensation when he published Explicit Content.

WithExplicit Footage??Sean continues to push the boundaries of conventional mentalism!

Episode 2 - Benz

Imagine causing a borrowed coin to visibly bend!

In this episode ofExplicit Footage?? you will learn??

  • The Bounce Bend -The coin bends in MID AIR while being tossed hand to hand!
  • The Shades Change -An unbelievable bend that defies conventional thinking!
  • On Contact -A incredibly simple?? and equally visual bend!
  • How to assemble the Benz Bender; quite possibly the BEST coin bender in existence

This is metal bending. Redefined.

Running TimeApproximately 16min

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