Sebastian - The Hofzinser Anthology


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Sebastian - The Hofzinser Anthology


3 Incredible routines using the Hofzinser Plot and one incredible Ace Production.                        

The Hofzinser Anthology is a collection of three visual, astonishing, and practical real world Hofzinser routines. 

Hasselhof is a visual routine where the aces find the selection. Fouraces are displayed and a card is selected. The ace matching the suit oftheir card visually turns face up. The remaining aces turn into themates of the selection, and the routine climaxes as the final acevisually changes into their selection. 

The Awkward Step Child is a streamlined handling of the Hofzinser plot.Four aces are produced. A card is very freely selected and lost in thecenter. With a snap of the fingers the ace corresponding to the suit ofthe card magically inverts itself. The face down ace is then shown tochange into their selected card in the cleanest way possible. 

Hofsenor was inspired by John Guastaferro's routine, Palm Reader Plus,from One Degree. A practical, streamlined routine that doesn't requiredifficult sleight of hand. The four aces are displayed. The spectatorsays stop as you riffle down the side of the deck, takes a look at thecard and it is lost in the center. The aces are taken, and the acematching the suit of their card visually turns face up. The ace isshaken and it visually changes into their selected card. As a kicker,the other aces are then shown to be the mates of the selection. 

  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • 3 Routines for the price of one
  • Bonus Ace Production