Shawn Farquhar Lecture - London Live Video


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They are all here - in video and/or pdf format - virtually everything you want to learn from the master magician is located on this special set.To call it lecture notes is a Class A Felony - it's a crime man!Why? Because it truly is SO MUCH more?? the very label of Lecture Notes limits the power this tutorial provides. It contains a cornucopia of potent material that is "diverse" in its scope?? loaded with great effects. Truthfully We're surprised he puts it out at all?? and even more so at this amazing price.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bread and Butter" is Shawn Farquhar's lecture notes on CD-Rom. It includes all the great ideas from his original BedJumpers lecture plus a few extra effects he's decided to release. This Interactive CD-ROM has such great effects as:

  • MatriXpress The fastest coin matrix ever.
  • Photo Finish So fast it gets caught in a photograph
  • Tagged The signed card trapped beneath a security tag
  • Egg?? Lemon and Balloon A complete routine for the dove worker
  • Card in Wallet It doesn't get easier than this ...
  • Deck Switch The technique Shawn has used to win almost ever major magic award in the world.
  • Blown Away A clever use for the deck switch
  • MagiCd Magic with a CD.
  • Silver CD More magic with a CD
  • Shredder The newest way to do a burned and restored bill without fire!

As anadded bonusShawn also provides small web based video footage of his presentations ofMatriXpress?? Photo Finish and Egg?? Lemon & Balloon. The entire CD-ROM can be viewed using an internet browser on your computer and is made for bothPC and MACusers. As an extra bonus you get a.pdffile of the entire book so you or your local printer can make a hard copy.